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In the early 1850’s, Karl Marx (and Frederick Engels, though to a lesser extent) wrote a quantity of journalist news summaries about events in Europe for the New-York Daily Tribune. These articles were often reprinted in other papers: see Semi-Weekly Tribune, The Free Press, Das Volk, The People’s Paper, Die Reform and Others.

Source: The original articles were written in English and the online versions are directly from the newspaper itself.

August 21 1852 - February 1861



The Elections in England.— Tories and Whigs (M)Aug 21
The Chartists (M)Aug 25
Corruption at Elections (M)Sep 04
Result of the Elections (M)Sep 11
Movements of Mazzini and Kossuth.— League with Louis Napoleon.— Palmerston (M)Oct 19
Pauperism and Free Trade.— The Approaching Commercial Crisis (M)Nov 01
Political Consequences of the Commericial Excitement (M)Nov 02
Political Parties and Prospects (M)Nov 29
Attempts to Form a New Opposition Party (M)Nov 25
Kossuth, Mazzini, and Louis Napoleon (M)Dec 01
The Late Trial at Cologne (E)Dec 22
Parliament.— Vote of November 26.— Disraeli’s Budget (M)Dec 28
A Reply to Kossuth’s "Secretary" (M)Jan 04
The Defeat of the Ministry (M)Jan 06
A Superannuated Administration.— Prospects of the Coalition Ministry, &c (M)Jan 28
Political Prospects.— Commercial Prosperity.— Case of Starvation (M)Feb 02
Elections.— Financial Clouds.— The Duchess of Sutherland and Slavery (M)Feb 08
Capital Punishment.— Mr. Cobden’s Pamphlet.— Regulations of the Bank of England (M)Feb 17
Defense.— Finances.— Decrease of the Aristocracy.— Politics (M)Feb 23
The Italian Insurrection.— British Politics (M)Feb 25
The Attack on Francis Joseph.— The Milan Riot.— British Politics.— Disraeli’s Speech.— Napoleon’s Will (M)Mar 07
Parliamentary Debates.— The Clergy Against Socialism.— Starvation (M)Mar 15
Forced Emigration.— Kossuth and Mazzini.— The Refugee Question.— Election Bribery in England.— Mr. Cobden (M)Mar 22
Kossuth and Mazzini.— Intrigues of the Prussian Government.— Austro-Prussian Commercial Treaty.— The Timesand the Refugees (M)Apr 04
British Politics.— Disraeli.— The Refugees.— Mazzini in London.— Turkey (ME)Apr 07
The Real Issue in Turkey (E)Apr 12
The London Press.— Policy of Napoleon on the Turkish Question (M)Apr 11
The Turkish Question (E)Apr 19
The Berlin Conspiracy (M)Apr 18
What Is to Become of Turkey in Europe? (E)Apr 21
The Berlin Conspiracy.— London Police.— Mazzini.— Radetzky (M)Apr 21
Achievements of the Ministry (M)Apr 27
Feargus O’Connor.— Ministerial Defeats.— The Budget (M)May 03
Riot at Constantinople.— German Table Moving.— The Budget (M)May 06
The Rocket Affair.— The Swiss Insurrection (ME)May 14
Political Position of the Swiss Republic (E)May 17
Revolution in China and in Europe (M)Jun 14
Affairs in Holland.— Denmark.— Conversion of the British Debt.— India, Turkey and Russia (M)Jun 09
Mazzini.— Switzerland and Austria.— The Turkish Question (M)Jun 10
The Turkish Question.— The Times.— Russian Aggrandizement (M)Jun 14
The Russian Humbug.— Gladstone’s Failure.— Sir Charles Wood’s East Indian Reforms (M)Jun 22
The British Rule in India (M)Jun 25
English Prosperity.— Strikes.— The Turkish Question.— India (M)Jul 01
Turkey and Russia.— Connivance of the Aberdeen Ministry with Russia.— The Budget.— Tax on Newspaper Supplements.— Parliamentary Corruption (M)Jul 08
The East India Company— Its History and Results (M)Jul 11
The Indian Question.— Irish Tenant Right (M)Jul 11
Russian Policy Against Turkey.— Chartism (M)Jul 14
The Turkish War Question.— The New-York Tribune in the House of Commons.— The Government of India (M)Jul 20
Layard’s Motion.— Struggle Over the Ten Hours’ Bill (M)Jul 22
The Russo-Turkish Difficulty.— Ducking and Dodging of the British Cabinet.— Nesselrode’s Last Note.— The East India Question (M)Jul 25
War in Burma.— The Russian Question.— Curious Diplomatic Correspondence (M)Jul 30
The War Question.— Doings of Parliament.— India (M)Aug 05
The Future Results of British Rule in India (M)Aug 08
Financial Failure of Government.— Cabs.— Ireland.— The Russian Question (M)Aug 12
In the House of Commons.— The Press on the Eastern Question.— The Czar’s Manifesto.— Denmark (M)Aug 16
Advertisement Duty.— Russian Movements.— Denmark.— The United States in Europe (M)Aug 19
The War Question.— British Population and Trade Returns.— Doings of Parliament (M)Aug 24
Urquhart.— Bem.— The Turkish Question in the House of Lords (M)Sep 02
The Turkish Question in the Commons (M)Sep 02
Affairs Continental and English (M)Sep 05
Rise in the Price of Corn.— Cholera.— Strikes.— Sailors’ Movement (M)Sep 15
To the Editor of The People’s Paper (M)Sep 10
The Vienna Note.— The United States and Europe.— Letters from Shumla.— Peel’s Bank Act (M)Sep 24
Political Movements.— Scarcity of Bread in Europe (M)Sep 30
The Western Powers and Turkey.— Imminent Economic Crisis.— Railway Construction in India (M)Oct 04
The Western Powers and Turkey.— Symptoms of Economic Crisis (M)Oct 07
Panic on the London Stock Exchange.— Strikes (M)Oct 17
The Russians in Turkey (E)Oct 17
The War Question.— Financial Matters.— Strikes (M)Oct 21
The Turkish Manifesto.— France’s Economic Position (M)Oct 31
Arrest of Delescluze.— Denmark.— Austria.— The Times on the Prospects of War Against Russia (M)Nov 05
Movements of the Armies in Turkey (E)Nov 08
The Holy War (E)Nov 15
War.— Strikes.— Dearth (M)Nov 15
Persian Expedition in Afghanistan and Russian Expedition in Central Asia.— Denmark.— The Fighting on the Danube and in Asia.— Wigan Colliers (M)Nov 18
The Progress of the Turkish War (E)Nov 25
The Russian Defeats (E)Nov 28
The Labor Question (M)Nov 28
Prosperity.— The Labor Question (M)Nov 30
Progress of the Turkish War (E)Dec 07
Manteuffel’s Speech.— Religious Movement in Prussia.— Mazzini’s Address.— London Corporation.— Russell’s Reform.— Labor Parliament (M)Dec 12
The War on the Danube (E)Dec 16
The Turkish War.— Industrial Distress (M)Dec 16
The Quadruple Convention.— England and the War (M)Dec 26
The Russian Victory.— Position of England and France (M)Dec 21
Palmerston’s Resignation (M)Dec 31
Progress of the Turkish War (E)Jan 09
The European War (E)Feb 02
The Western Powers and Turkey (M)Jan 28
The Last Battle in Europe (E)Feb 08
The Fighting in the East.— Finances of Austria and France.— Fortification of Constantinople (M)Feb 08
The Czar’s Views.— Prince Albert (M)Feb 11
Fortification of Constantinople.— Denmark’s Neutrality.— Composition of British Parliament.— Crop Failure in Europe (ME)Feb 16
Count Orlov’s Mission.— Russian Finances During the War (M)Feb 20
Blue Books.— Parliamentary Debates on February 6.— Count Orlov’s Mission.— Operations of the Allied Fleet.— The Irish Brigade.— Concerning the Convocation of the Labor Parliament (M)Feb 21
Russian Diplomacy.— The Blue Book on the Eastern Question.— Montenegro (M)Feb 27
The War Question in Europe (Marx & Engels)Mar 6
Declaration of the Prussian Cabinet. - Napoleon’s Plans.-Prussia’s Policy (M)Mar 9
Debates in Parliament (M)Mar 9
Parliamentary Debates of February 22.-Pozzo di Borgo’s Dispatch.-The Policy of the Western Powers (M)Mar 13
English and French War Plans.-Greek Insurrection.- Spain.-China (M)Mar 18
Austrian Bankruptcy (M)Mar 22
Opening of the Labour Parliament.-English War Budget (M)Mar 24
The Labour Parliament (M)Mar 29
Retreat of the Russians from Kalafat (Engels)Mar 30
The Greek Insurrection (M)Mar 29
The Documents on the Partition of Turkey (M)Apr 5
The Secret Diplomatic Correspondence (M)Apr 11
Declaration of War.-On the History of the Eastern Question (M)Apr 15
British Finances.— The Troubles at Preston (M)Mar 31
The European War (Marx & Engels)Apr 17
The War Debate in Parliament (M)Apr 17
Russia and the German Powers.-Corn Prices (M)Apr 7
Position of the Armies in Turkey (Engels)Apr 28
Reshid Pasha’s Note.-An Italian Newspaper on the Eastern Question (M)May 2
Greece and Turkey.-Turkey and tile Western Powers.-Falling Off in Wheat Sales in England (M)May 6
The Turkish War (Engels)May 16
The Creek Insurrection.-The Polish Emigration.-The Austro-Prussian Treaty.-Russian Documents (M)May 15
The Bombardment of Odessa.-Greece.-Proclamation of Prince Daniel of Montenegro.-Manteuffel’s Speech (M)May 16
News from the European Contest (Engels)May 20
British Finances (M)May 23
A Famous Victory (Engels)Jun 6
Attack Upon Sevastopol.-Clearing of Estates in Scotland (M)Jun 2
The War (Engels)Jun 9
The Present Condition of the English Army-Tactics, Uniform, Commissariat, &c (Engels)Jun 10
The Treaty Between Austria and Prussia.-Parliamentary Debates of May 29 (M)Jun 12
The Formation of a Special Ministry of War in Britain.-The War on the Danube.-The Economic Situation (M)Jun 14
Reorganisation of the British War Administration.-The Austin Summons.-Britain’s Economic Situation.-St. Arnatid (M)Jun 24
The Siege of Silistria (Engels)Jun 26
State of the Russian War (Marx & Engels)Jul 8
The Russian Retreat (Marx & Engels)Jul 10
The War.-Debate in Parliament (M)Jul 10
The Insurrection at Madrid.-The Austro-Turkish Treaty.-Moldavia and Wallachia (M)Jul 19
The War on the Danube (Engels)Jul 25
The Details of the Insurrection at Madrid.-The Austro-Prussian Summons.-The New Austrian Loan.-Wallachia (M)Jul 21
Excitement in Italy.-The Events in Spain.-The Position of the German States.-British Magistrates (M)Jul 28
The English Middle Class.— Only the Beginning (M)Aug 1
A Congress at Vienna.-The Austrian Loan.- Proclamations of Duke and O’Donnell.-The Ministerial Crisis in Britain (M)Aug 3
The Spanish Revolution.-Greece and Turkey (M)Aug 4
The War Debates in Parliament (M)Aug 7
The Policy of Austria.-The War Debates in the House of Commons (M)Aug 9
That Bore of a War (Marx & Engels)Aug 17
Espartero (M)Aug 19
The Attack on the Russian Forts (Engels)Aug 21
Evacuation of the Danubian Principalities.-The Events in Spain.-A New Danish Constitution.-The Chartists (M)Aug 21
Evacuation of Moldavia and Wallachia.-Poland. Demands of the Spanish People (M)Aug 25
The Eastern Question.-The Revolution in Spain.-The Madrid Press (M)Sep 1
Revolution in Spain.-Bomarsund (M)Sep 4
The Capture of Bomarsund (Article I) (Engels)Sep 4
The Capture of Bomarsund (Article II) (Engels)Sep 13
Revolutionary Spain (M)Sep 9-
 -Dec 2
The Reaction in Spain (M)Sep 16
The Rumours about Mazzini’s Arrest.-The Austrian Compulsory Loan.-Spain.-The Situation in Wallachia (M)Sep 30
The Actions of the Allied Fleet.-The Situation in the Danubian Principalities.-Spain.-British Foreign Trade (M)Oct 2
The Attack on Sevastopol (Engels)Oct 14
The News from the Crimea (Engels)Oct 17
The Sevastopol Hoax (Marx & Engels)Oct 21
The Sevastopol Hoax.-General News (Marx & Engels)Oct 21
The Battle of the Alma (Engels)Oct 26
The Military Power of Russia (Engels)Oct 31
The Siege of Sevastopol (Engels)Nov 15
The Campaign in the Crimea (Engels)Nov 27
The War in the East (Engels)Nov 30
The Battle of Inkerman (Engels)Dec 14
The Crimean Campaign (Engels)Dec 27
Progress of the War (Marx & Engels)Jan 1
The Military Power of Austria (Engels)Jan 1
British Disaster in the Crimea (Engels)Jan 8-9
The Commercial Crisis in Britain (M)Jan 26
Sunday Observance and the Publicans.-Clanricarde (M)Jan 22
The Crimean Campaign (Engels)Feb 3
The European War (Engels)Feb 17
The Late British Government (Marx & Engels)Feb 23
Fall of the Aberdeen Ministry (M)Feb 17
The Struggle in the Crimea (Engels)Feb 26
The War That Looms on Europe (Engels)Feb 20
The Crisis in England (M)Mar 24
The Results in the Crimea (Engels)Apr 2
Fate of the Great Adventurer (Engels)Apr 2
Napoleon’s Last Dodge (Engels)Apr 7
A Battle at Sebastopol (Engels)Apr 7
The British Army (M)Apr 14
Progress of the War (Engels)Apr 17
Prospect in France and England (M)Apr 27
Napoleon’s Apology (Engels)Apr 30
The Siege of Sebastopol (Engels)Apr 30
The European Struggle (Engels)May 5
From Sebastopol (Engels)May 28
The New Move in the Crimea (Engels)May 29
The Crimean War (Engels)Jun 8
The New French Commander (Engels)Jun 12
From the Crimea (Engels)Jun 23
Sebastopol (Engels)Jun 29
Napoleon’s War Plans (Engels)Jul 2
Eccentricities of Politics (M)Jul 10
From Sebastopol (Engels)Jul 12
The Late Repulse of the Allies (Engels)Jul 21
Clashes between the Police and the People.-The Events in the Crimea (Marx & Engels)Jul 21
The Great Crimean Blunder (Engels)Jul 27
War Prospects (Engels)Aug 4
The Late Birmingham Conference (M)Aug 10
Austria and the War (M)Sep 13
The Battle of the Chernaya (Engels)Sep 14
Another British Revelation (M)Sep 24
The Fall of Sebastopol (Engels)Sep 28
Crimean Prospects (Engels)Oct 1
The State of the War (Engels)Oct 17
The Great Event of the War (Engels)Oct 13
Progress of the War (Engels)Nov 5
Aspects of the War (Engels)Nov 10
The Russian Army (Engels)Nov 16
Traditional English Policy (M)Jan 12
The War in Asia (Engels)Jan 25
The European War (Engels)Feb 4
The American Difficulty.-Affairs of France (M)Feb 25
The Fall of Kars (M)Apr 8
Prussia (M)May 5
Sardinia (M)May 17
The French Credit Mobilier. I (M)Jun 21
The French Credit Mobilier. IIJun 24
The French Credit Mobilier. IIIJul 11
Revolution in Spain (M)Aug 8
Revolution in Spain (M)Aug 18
The Economic Crisis in Europe (M)Oct 9
The Monetary Crisis in Europe (M)Oct 15
The Causes of the Monetary Crisis in Europe (M)Oct 27
Monetary Crisis in Europe.-From the History of Money Circulation (M)Nov 1
The Economic Crisis in France (M)Nov 22
The European Crisis (M)Dec 6
The Maritime Commerce of Austria (M)Jan 9
The Right Divine of the Hohenzollerns (M)Jan 9
The Anglo-Chinese Conflict (M)Jan 23
Mountain Warfare in the Past and Present (Engels)Jan 27
The War Against Persia (M)Feb 14
The Prospects of the Anglo-Persian War (Engels)Feb 19
The New English Budget (M)Mar 9
Parliamentary Debates on the Chinese Hostilities (M)Mar 16
Defeat of the Palmerston Ministry (M)Mar 25
The Coming Election in England (M)Mar 31
Russian Trade with China (M)Mar 18
The English Election (M)Apr 6
English Atrocities in China (M)Apr 10
The Defeat of Cobden. Bright and Gibson (M)Apr 17
A New English Expedition to China (Engels)Apr 17
Result of the Election (M)Apr 22
Condition of Factory Labourers (M)Apr 22
The English Factory System (M)Apr 28
Changes in the Russian Army (Engels)May 6
The British Wild-Cats (M)May 16
Persia-China (Engels)May 22
Credit Mobilier (M)May 30
Interesting Revelations (M)Jun 12
The New French Bank Act (M)Jun 20
The Persian Treaty (M)Jun 24
The Revolt in the Indian Army (M)Jul 15
State of Europe. - Financial State of France (M)Jul 27
The Revolt in India (M)Aug 4
The Maritime Commerce of Austria (Second article) (M)Aug 4
The Indian Question (M)Aug 14
Indian News (M)Aug 14
State of the Indian Insurrection (M)Aug 18
The Oriental Question (M)Aug 27
The Indian Insurrection (M)Aug 29
Political Situation in Europe (M)Sep 5
Investigation of Tortures in India (M)Sep 17
The Revolt in India (M)Sep 15
British Incomes in India (M)Sep 21
The Indian Revolt (M)Sep 16
The French Credit Mobilier (M)Sep 26
The Revolt in India (M)Oct 3
The Revolt in India (M)Oct 13
The Revolt in India (M)Oct 23
The Revolt in India (M)Nov 14
The Bank Act of 1844 and the Monetary Crisis in England (M)Nov 21
The British Revulsion (M)Nov 30
The Capture of Delhi (Engels)Dec 5
The Trade Crisis in England (M)Dec 15
The Financial Crisis in Europe (M)Dec 22
The Crisis in Europe (M)Jan 5
The French Crisis (M)Jan 12
The Siege and Storming of Lucknow (Engels)Jan 30
British Commerce (M)Feb 3
The Relief of Lucknow (Engels)Feb 1
The Approaching Indian Loan (M)Feb 9
Windham’s Defeat (Engels)Feb 20
The Attempt Upon the Life of Bonaparte (M)Feb 22
The Economic Crisis in France (M)Mar 12
The Rule of the Pretorians (M)Mar 12
The Derby Ministry.- Palmerston’s Sham Resignation (M)Mar 15
Portents of the Day (M)Mar 30
Bonaparte’s Present Position (M)Apr 1
Pelissier’s Mission to England (M)Apr 15
Mazzini and Napoleon (M)May 11
The French Trials in London (M)Apr 27
The Financial State of France (M)Apr 30
The Fall of Lucknow (Engels)Apr 30
Mr. Disraeli’s Budget (M)May 7
The English Alliance (M)May 8
Important British Documents (M)May 20
Details of the Attack on Lucknow (Engels)May 25
The Annexation of Oude (M)May 28
A Curious Piece of History (M)Jun 16
Lord Canning’s Proclamation and Land Tenure in India (M)Jun 7
Bonaparte’s Financial Manoeuvres.- Military Despotism (M)Jun 11
The Revolt in India (Engels)Jun 15
The British Army in India (Engels)Jun 26
The State of British Commerce (M)Jun 21
Political Parties in England. - Situation in Europe (M)Jun 24
The British Government and the Slave Trade (M)Jul 2
Taxation in India (M)Jul 23
The Indian Army (Engels)Jul 21
The Indian Bill (M)Jul 24
Transport of Troops to India (Engels)Aug 13
Imprisonment of Lady Bulwer-Lytton (M)Aug 4
The Increase of Lunacy in Great Britain (M)Aug 20
The Revolt in India (Engels)Oct 1
The English Bank Act of 1844 (M)Aug 23
Commercial Crises and Currency in Britain (M)Aug 28
History of the Opium Trade (M)Sep 20
History of the Opium Trade (M)Sep 25
Another Strange Chapter of Modern History (M)Sep 23
The Anglo-Chinese Treaty (M)Oct 5
British Commerce and Finance (M)Oct 4
Mazzini’s New Manifesto (M)Oct 13
A New French Revolutionary Manifesto (M)Oct 19
The British and Chinese Treaty (M)Oct 15
The Question of the Abolition of Serfdom in Russia (M)Oct 19
The King of Prussia’s Insanity (M)Oct 23
Russian Progress in Central AsiaNov 3
The King of Prussia’s Insanity (M)Oct 27
The Prussian Regency (M)Oct 27
Affairs in Prussia (M)Nov 3
Affairs in Prussia (M)Nov 8
Russia’s Successes in the Far EastNov 18
Mr. John Bright (M)Nov 12
The Prosecution of Montalembert (Engels)Nov 24
The New Ministry (M)Nov 24
The New Ministry (M)Nov 27
Affairs in Prussia (M)Dec 3
Project for the Regulation of the Price of Bread in France (M)Dec 15
Affairs in Prussia (M)Dec 13
Europe in 1858Dec 23
Affairs in Prussia (M)Dec 27
Question of the Ionian Islands (M)Jan 6
The Excitement in Ireland (M)Jan 11
The Emancipation Question (M)Jan 17-21
On Italian Unity (M)Jan 24
The War Prospect in Europe (M)Jan 31
Affairs in Prussia (M)Feb 1
The Money Panic in Europe (Marx & Engels)Feb 1
Louis Napoleon’s Position (M)Feb 18
The French Army (Engels)Feb 24
German Resources for War (Engels)Mar 12
The Austrian Hold on Italy (Engels)Mar 4
The State of British Manufactures (M)Mar 15
Chances of the Impending War (Engels)Mar 17
The New British Reform Bill (M)Mar 17
The State of British Manufactures (M)Mar 24
Peace or War (M)Mar 25
A Sigh from the Tuileries (M)Mar 26
The War Prospect in France (M)Mar 31
The War Prospect in Prussia (M)Mar 31
A Historic Parallel (M)Mar 31
The Proposed Peace Congress (Engels)Apr 23
Great Trouble in Indian Finances (M)Apr 30
War Inevitable (Engels)Apr 30
The Proposed Peace Congress (M)Apr 30
The State of the Question.-Germany Arming (Marx & Engels)May 9
Prospects of the War (Engels)May 12
The Financial Panic (M)May 12
Fair Professions (M)May 18
Austria, Prussia and Germany in the War (M)May 27
The War (Engels)May 23
Highly Important from Vienna (M)Jun 6
The War-No Progress (Engels)May 27
Fighting at Last (Engels)Jun 6
The Battle of Montebello (Engels)Jun 10
A Prussian View of the War (M)Jun 10
Strategy of the War (Engels)Jun 15
Mazzini’s Manifesto (M)Jun 17
Progress of the War (Engels)Jun 17
The Austrian Defeat (Engels)Jun 22
A Chapter of History (Engels)Jul 2
The News from the War (Engels)Jul 8
Historical Justice (Engels)Jul 21
What has Italy Gained? (M)Jul 27
The Peace (M)Jul 28
The Treaty of Villafranca (M)Aug 4
Truth Testified (M)Aug 4
The French Disarmament (M)Aug 12
British Commerce (M)Aug 19
Louis Napoleon and Italy (M)Aug 29
Population, Crime, and Pauperism (M)Sep 16
Manufactures and Commerce (M)Sep 23
Kossuth and Louis Napoleon (M)Sep 24
The Future of Italy (M)Sep 29
The New Chinese War (M)


Sep 27


Oct 1


Oct 10


Oct 18
Electoral Corruption in England (M)Nov 4
A Radical View of the Peace (M)Nov 8
Trade with China (M)Dec 3
Trouble in Germany (M)Dec 2
The Invasion Panic in England (M)Dec 9
Progress of the Moorish War (Engels)Jan 19
The Moorish War (Engels)Feb 8
Savoy and Nice (Engels)Feb 21
The Moorish War (Engels)Mar 17
Affairs in France (Marx)Jan 17
English Politics (Marx)Jan 27
The New Treaty between France and England (Marx)Jan 28
Military Reform in Germany (Engels)Feb 20
The English Budget (Marx)Feb 11
On Rifled Cannon (Engels)Apr 7-May 19
Public Feeling in Berlin (Marx)Apr 10
Sicily and the Sicilians (Marx)May 17
Preparations for Napoleon’s Coming War on the Rhine (Marx)May 19
Garibaldi in Sicily.-Affairs in Prussia (Marx)Jun 14
Garibaldi in Sicily (Engels)Jun 22
The Emperor Napoleon III and Prussia (Marx)Jun 12
Interesting from Prussia (Marx)Jun 13
The British Volunteer Force (Engels)Jun 25/28
British Commerce (Marx)Jun 16
The State of British Manufacturing Industry (Marx)Jul 10/14
Interesting from Sicily.-Garibaldi’s Quarrel with La Farina.-A Letter from Garibaldi (Marx)Jul 23
British Defenses (Engels)Jul 24
Events in Syria.-Session of the British Parliament.-The State of British Commerce (Marx)Jul 28
Could the French Sack London? (Engels)Jul 26/28
The Russo-French Alliance (Marx)Aug 3
The Paper Tax.-The Emperor’s Letter (Marx)Aug 7
Garibaldi’s Movements (Engels)Aug 7
The New Sardinian Loan.-The Impending French and Indian Loans (Marx)Aug 14
The Sick Man of Austria (Engels)Aug 16
The Crops in Europe (Marx)Aug 21
Corn Prices.-European Finances and War Preparations.-The Oriental Question (Marx)Aug 25
Garibaldi’s Progress (Engels)Sep 1
Garibaldi in Calabria (Engels)Sep 6
British Commerce (Marx)Sep 8
Russia Using Austria.-The Meeting at Warsaw (Marx)Sep 17
Affairs in Prussia.-Prussia, France and Italy (Marx)Sep 27
Preparations for War in Prussia (Engels)Oct 23
Great Britain-A Money Stringency (Marx)Nov 10
Austria-Progress of the Revolution (Engels)Jan 1
German Movements (Engels)Jan 23
The American Question in England (Marx)Oct 11
The British Cotton Trade (Marx)Oct 14
The London Times and Lord Palmerston (Marx)Oct 21
The London Times on the Orleans Princes in America (Marx)Nov 7
British Commerce (Marx)Nov 23
The intervention in Mexico (Marx)Nov 23
The News and Its Effect in London (Marx)Dec 19
Progress of Feeling in England (Marx)Dec 25
English Public Opinion (Marx)Feb 1
The Mexican Imbroglio (Marx)Feb 15