Press Articles by Marx and Engels


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1852 — 1856

In the early 1850's, Karl Marx (and Frederick Engels, though to a lesser extent) wrote a quantity of journalist news summaries for the New-York Daily Tribune, the People's Paper and others. The articles listed here were published in the People's Paper, but not in the New York Tribune.

Printed: according to the newspaper. English original;
Transcribed: in 2000 for by Andy Blunden.



The Elections in England.— Tories and Whigs (M)Oct 08
The Chartists (M)Oct 09
Corruption at Elections (M)Oct 16
Result of the Elections (M)Oct 23
Public Statement to the Editors of the English Press (ME)Oct 30
The Duchess of Sutherland and Slavery (M)Mar 12
L.S.D., or Class Budgets, and Who's Relieved by Them (M)Apr 23
The New Financial Juggle; or Gladstone and the Pennies (M)Apr 16
L.S.D., or Class Budgets, and Who's Relieved by Them (M)Apr 23
Soap for the People, a Sop for The Times.- Coalition Budget (M)Apr 30
To the Editor of The People's Paper (M)Sep 10
Lord Palmerston— First Article (M)Oct 22
Lord Palmerston— Second Article (M)Oct 29
Lord Palmerston— Third Article (M)Nov 05
Lord Palmerston— Fourth Article (M)Nov 12
Lord Palmerston— Article Fifth (M)Nov 19
Lord Palmerston— Article Sixth (M)Dec 10
Lord Palmerston— Seventh Article (M)Dec 17
Lord Palmerston— Eighth Article (M)Dec 24
Letter to the Labour ParliamentMar 9
Letter to the Labour MovementMar 18
Retreat of the Russians from Kalafat (E)Mar 18
The War (E)May 27
The France of Bonaparte the Little (M)Apr 1
The Fall of Kars (M)Apr 5-26
Speech at the Anniversary of The People's Paper.
Delivered in London, April 14, 1856 (M)
Apr 19
The House of Lords and the Duke of York's Monument (M)Apr 26
Sardinia (Marx)May 17
The French Credit Mobilier. I (Marx)Jun 7
The Right Divine of the Hohenzollerns (Marx)Dec 13