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May - August 1859



The Campaign in Italy (Engels)May 28
Military Events (Engels)Jun 11
The Austrian Withdrawal to the Mincio (Engels)Jun 25
Spree and Mincio (M)Jun 25
The Battle at Solferino (Engels)Jul 2
The Battle of Solferino (Engels)Jul 9
Erfurtery in the Year 1859 (M)Jul 9
On Ernest Jones (from the "Political Review" of Das Volk) (M)Jul 16
Introductory Note to the "Memoir on Russia, for the Instruction of the Present Emperor" (M)Jul 23
The Italian War. Retrospect (Engels)Jul 23 - Aug 6
Invasion! (M)Jul 30
Quid Pro Quo (M)Jul 30 - Aug 20
Karl Marx, "A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy" (E)Aug 6
On the London Building Trades Lockout (Marx)Aug 20