Marx-Engels Subject Archive


Marx and Engels on Russia

“The Russian Menace” and Panslavism

The Magyar Struggle, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, January 1849
Democratic Pan-Slavism, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, February 1849
Prospects of a War of the Holy Alliance Against France, Engels 1851
Lord Palmerston, Marx 1853
Panslavism. The Schleswig-Holstein War, Revolution & Counter-revolution in Germany, 1852
The Armies of Europe, Engels
B. Bauer's Pamphlets on the Collision with Russia, Marx Jan 1857
Revelations of the Diplomatic History of the 18th Century, Marx March 1857
Letter from Marx to Engels, 24th June 1865

The Crimean War

On the Crimean War, New York Tribune, 7 April 1853 - 27 April 1855
Panslavism and the Crimean War – I, Neue Oder-Zeitung, April 21 1855
Panslavism and the Crimean War – II, Neue Oder-Zeitung, April 24 1855

The approaching Russian Revolution

The Emancipation Question, Marx December 1858
Letter to Engels, Marx July 1868
Letter to Engels, 10 February 1870
Letter to Engels, 12 February 1870
Letter to Engels, 24 March 1870
General Council of the International to Russian Section, 24 March 1870
Letter to Sorge, 1 September 1870
Letter to Thomas Allsop, 23 December 1873
On Social Relations in Russia, Marx 1874
Russia and the Social Revolution, Engels in Volksstaat, 21 April 1875
Letter to Otechestvenniye Zapiski, Marx 1877
Letter to Wilhelm Liebknecht, Marx February 11 1878
Letter to Nikolai Danielson, Marx April 10 1879
Letter to Thomas Allsop, Marx December 14 1879
First draft of Letter to Vera Zasulich, Marx 1881
Preface Russian Edition of the Communist Manifesto, 1882
Letter to Jenny Longuet, Marx April 11 1881
Engels to J P Becker, 14 February 1884
Engels to August Bebel, 11 December 1884
Engels to Vera Zasulich, 23 April 1885
Engels to Florence Kelley Wischnewetsky, 3 June 1886
Engels to Sorge, 7 January 1888
Foreign Policy of Russian Tsardom, April-May 1890
Engels to August Bebel, 29 September 1891
Engels to Bebel, 24 October 1891
Engels to Nikolai Danielson, 22 September 1892
Engels to Nikolai Danielson, 24 February 1893
Engels to Nikolai Danielson, 17 October 1893
Afterword to ‘On Social Relations in Russia’, Engels, 1894

Mikhail Bakunin

Appeal to the Slavs, 1848
Bakunin's Confession to Czar Nicholas I, 1851
Preconditions for a Social Revolution in Russia, 1873