Works of Marx and Engels


—— 1860 ——

“Vogt’s attack on me — he is obviously seeking to represent me as an insignificant and rascally bourgeois blackguard is intended to be the grand coup of bourgeois vulgar democracy — and likewise of the Russo-Bonapartist riff-raff — against the party as a whole. Hence it must likewise be countered with a grand coup. Furthermore, the defensive does not suit our purpose. I shall sue the National-Zeitung. I've now made up my mind to do so.” [Letter from Marx to Engels, 3rd February]

Major Works

Herr Vogt

Fragments on Art and Literature


Minor Works

Letters to the Editor, 1860
Articles for the New York Daily Tribune (Marx & Engels)
including: English Politics, Marx 14 February
and On Rifled Cannon (Engels)