Marx-Engels Correspondence 1895

Engels To Kautsky
In Stuttgart

Source: Marx-Engels, Selected Correspondence, Progress Publishers. Third revised edition 1975;
Transcribed: by Joska Rabb, Andy Blunden.


London, April 1, 1895

Dear Baron,

Postcard received. To my astonishment I see in Votwärts! today an extract from my “Introduction,” printed without my prior knowledge and trimmed in such a fashion that I appear as a peaceful worshipper of legality at any price. So much the better that the whole thing is to appear now in the Neue Zeit so that this disgraceful impression will be wiped out. I shall give Liebknecht a good piece of my mind on that score and also, no matter who they are, to those who gave him the opportunity to misrepresent my opinion without even telling me a word about it ...