Marx-Engels Correspondence 1879

Marx To Engels
In London

Source: MECW Volume 45, p. 382;
First published: in MEGA, Berlin, 1931;

Ramsgate, 3 September 1879
62 Plains of Waterloo

Dear Engels,

Meyer (R.) wrote [on 29 August 1879] and announced his intention of visiting me, while at the same time saying, on the other hand, that I was to let him know, i.e. telegraph him, ‘Do not come’, should I be otherwise engaged. Firstly, therefore, I telegraphed him in the ‘negative’, secondly, however, proceeded to write him a letter *to this effect, that in consequence of Mrs Marx’s bad health my whole time is taken up ‘presently'*. I am telling you this in order that you may know how things stand, should he raise the matter with you. In fact my wife is improving only very slowly and hence by no means anxious to see Meyer here.

Jennychen had her first outing today, a fifteen minute walk; She progresses favourably.


How is jolly getting on?