Marx-Engels Correspondence 1879

Marx To Rudolph Meyer
In London

Source: MECW Volume 45, p. ;
First published: in Die Rote Fahne, Berlin, 14. Dezember 1928, Beilage.

[London,] 7 August 1879

Dear Mr Meyer,

I am today sending you your Grunder per book-post.

My departure was held up as a result of Longuet’s having fallen ill: he is feared to have gastric fever, and we shall probably hear today what the verdict is. If the thing’s serious I shall have to abandon the trip to jersey (which I wanted to visit because the place is new to my companion — my youngest daughter) and go to a seaside resort near London. I shall be going to one of these in any case, even after my return from jersey, along with Madame Lafargue and my grandson, and look forward to your visiting me there.

Should anything unforeseen happen to precipitate your departure, perhaps you would be so kind as to return the volumes of periodicals (the Leipzig and Paris ones), at the same time letting me know (all letters will be forwarded to me from my house) whether the January issue (1879) of the Österreichische Monatsschrift für Gesellschaftswissenschaften was followed by a second.

With best wishes for your future, and cordial regards from my wife and my daughter, Eleanor,

Yours very sincerely,
Karl Marx