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Letters of Marx and Engels: 1878

Marx to Thomas Allsop. 1 January
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 11 January
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 4 February
Marx to Thomas Allsop. 4 February
Marx to Wilhelm Liebknecht. 11 February
Marx to Sigmund Schott. 29 March
Marx to Valerian Smirnov. 29 March
Engels to Carl Hirsch. 3 April
Engels to Hermann Lopatin. 3 April
Marx to Thomas Allsop. 28 April
Engels to Wilhelm Bracke. 30 April
Marx to Carl Hirsch. 26 June
Marx to Sigmund Schott. 13 July
Marx to Sigmund Schott. 15 July
Engels to Valerian Smirnov. 16 July
Engels to Oscar Schmidt. 19 July
Engels to Philipp Pauli. 30 July
Engels to Pyotr Lavrov. 10 August
Marx to George Rivers. 24 August
Marx to Friedrich Adolph Sorge. 4 September
Engels to Friedrich Lessner. 12 September
Engels to Rudolf Engels. 12 September
Marx to Jenny Longuet. 16 September
Marx to Engels. 17 September
Marx to Jenny Marx. 17 September
Engels to Marx. 18 September
Marx to Engels. 18 September
Engels to Marx. 19 September
Engels to Marx. 21 September
Marx to Engels. 24 September
Marx to Moritz Kaufmann. 3 October
Marx to Moritz Kaufmann. 10 October
Engels to Hermann Arnoldt. 21 October
Marx to an Unknown Correspondent. 4 November
Marx to Alfred Talandier. About 10 November-
Marx to Nikolai Danielson. 15 November
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 19 November
Marx to Nikolai Danielson. 28 November
Engels to Ernst Dronke. 29 November
Engels to Johann Philipp Becker. 12 December