Marx-Engels Correspondence 1873

Marx To Nikolai Danielson
In St Petersburg

Source: MECW Volume 44, p. 522;
First published: in Russian, in Minuvshiye gody, St Petersburg, 1908.

London, 12 August 1873

N. Danielson, Esq.

My dear Sir,

I have since months suffered severely, and found myself, for some time, even in a dangerous state of illness, consequent upon overwork. My head was so seriously affected, that a paralytic strike was to be apprehended, and even now I am not yet able to work more than a few hours. This is the only reason why I have not before acknowledged, and thanked you for, the precious collection of books you were so kind as to send me.

You will have received — at least I read your last letter in that sense — 3 copies of Das Kapital in one volume. I send you to-day the last livraison of the Heftedition.

We are publishing the Revelations on the Alliance, (you know the sect of teetotallers call themselves thus in England), and want to know the cheapest way to send you a somewhat large number of copies. A letter relative to the chief of that sanctimonious people is still held in reserve.

I thank you much for your last long letter and shall make proper use of it. It is of great commercial value for myself.

Yours most truly,
A. Williams