Marx-Engels Correspondence 1872

Marx To Nikolai Danielson
In St Petersburg

Source: MECW Volume 44, p. 421;
First published: in Russian, in Minuvshiye gody, St Petersburg, 1908.

[London,] 15 August 1872

Dear Sir,

I hope you have received the first part of the second German edition [of Volume I of Capital] which I have sent you a few days since. I shall also send you the first 6 livraisons of the French edition which will be out in a few days. It is necessary to compare both editions because I have added and changed here and there in the French edition.

Your interesting letter I have received and shall answer to it in a few days. I have also received the manuscript and the article of the Vestnik.

To-day I write in all haste, for one special purpose which is of the most urgent character.

Bakunin has worked secretly since years to undermine the International and has now been pushed by us so far as to throw away the mask and secede openly with the foolish people led by him — the same man who was the manager in the Nechayev affair. Now this Bakunin was once charged with the Russian translation of my book [of Volume I of Capital], received the money for it in advance, and instead of giving work, sent or had sent to Lubanin (I think) who transacted for the publisher with him the affair, a most infamous and compromising letter. It would be of the highest utility for me, if this letter was sent me immediately. As this is a mere commercial affair and as in the use to be made of the letter no names will be used, I hope you will procure me that letter. But no time is to be lost. If it is sent, it ought to be sent at once as I shall leave London for the Haag Congress at the end of this month.

Yours very truly,
A. Williams