Marx-Engels Correspondence 1872

Karl Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann, 29 July 1872

Source: Karl Marx, Letters to Dr Kugelmann (Martin Lawrence, London, undated). Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.

Dear Kugelmann

At the International Congress (Hague, opening 2 September), it will be a matter of life or death for the International; and before I retire I want at least to protect it from disintegrating elements. Germany must therefore have as many representatives as possible. Since you are in any case coming, write to Hepner [1] that I ask him to get you a delegate’s mandate.

Karl Marx


1. Adolf Hepner (1846-1923) – A German Social-Democrat, co-editor of Volksstaat. On trial together with Liebknecht and Bebel in 1872 for high treason, but was acquitted – Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute.