Works of Karl Marx 1872

To The Editor of The Times

Source: The Times, August 16, 1872;
Transcribed: by Tony Brown.

Sir, — In your issue of to-day I find a paragraph headed “The International,” containing, after “the Paris papers,” a pretended circular of the “Grand Council” of that Association, and bearing my signature as “General Secretary.”

I beg to state, in reply, that this document is from beginning to end a forgery. No such circular was ever issued by the General Council of the International Working Men’s Association, nor could 1 have signed anything of the sort as General Secretary, inasmuch as I have never occupied that position.

I request you to publish the above in your next number, and remain, Sir, your obedient servant,

Karl Marx

1, Maitland-park-road, N. W., Aug. 15.