Marx-Engels Correspondence 1871

Marx To Nikolai Danielson
In St Petersburg

Source: MECW Volume 44, p. 238;
First published: in Russian, in Minuvshiye gody, St Petersburg, 1908.

[London,] 9 November 1871

Dear Friend,

Enclosed are a few changes [to the Russian translation of Capital], some of them just printing errors. Of some importance, however, are the changes on p. 192, p. 201, p. 288, Note 205a, and p. 376, which affect the content.

It would be pointless to wait for the revision of Chapter I, since for months now my time has been so taken up that I have not been able to get to my theoretical work (and the foreseeable future holds out small prospect of an improvement in this respect).

* Certainly, I shall one fine morning put a stop to all this but there are circumstances where you are in duty bound to occupy yourselves with things much less attractive than theoretical study and research.

My warmest thanks for all the kindness I have met with on your part. The writings of Ehrlieb I am partly acquainted with. I compare him as a writer to Lessing and Diderot.

I have received some curious numbers of the Moscow Gazette.

Yours truly,*
A. W.

[two pages of corrected appended below]