The Civil War in France: Image Gallery

Images of The Civil War in France


Photographs of the Original Documents:

First page of the First Address
First page of the Second Address
Decree of the establishment of the Commune
Cover of the 1891 publication by Engels
Manifesto on the Franco-Prussian War of the Brunswick Committee of the Social-Democratic Workers’ Party of Germany


Contemporary Events:

Drawing of The monarchy dissolved and the proclamation of the Third Republic
Political cartoon of Napoleon III and Wilhelm I bathing together in the blood of the people
Workers solidarity in France – showing Lyons and Paris attempting to join hands.
French Army sent to Paris to disarm workers fraternizes and refuses to carry out their orders.
Red flag flying over the July Column in remembrance of the blood spilt by all workers who had been massacred nationally and internationally
Communards meet in the Hotel de Ville
Massacre of Communards