The Civil War in France

First and Second Drafts

Source: The Civil War in France, Foreign Languages Press, Peking, First edition 1966;
Publishers Note: These two drafts of The Civil War in France follow the English text in the Archives of Marx and Engels, Moscow, 1934, Vol. III (VIII). Obvious corrections of spelling or grammar are not indicated. Necessary additions of words and translations of French and German words and passages which appeared in Marx's manuscript are put in square brackets.
See also the Notes on Publication from Volume 22 of the Marx-Engels Collected Works;
Written: by Marx in April-May 1871
First published: in full text in English and Russian in the Archives Marx and Engels, 1934, Vol. III (VIII). The original text is in English.


The First Draft

The Government of Defence

The Commune

1. Measures for the Working Class
2. Measures for [the] Working Class, but Mostly for the Middle Classes
3. General Measures
4. Measures of Public Safety
5. Financial Measures

La Commune

1. The Rise of the Commune and the Central Committee
2. The Character of the Commune
3. Peasantry
4. Union (Ligue) Républicaine
5. The Commune as Representative of All Classes Not Living on Foreign Labour
6. Republic Only Possible as Avowedly Social Republic
7. The Commune (Social Measures)
8. Decentralization by the Ruraux and the Commune


The Second Draft

1) Government of Defence. Trochu, Favre, Picard, Ferry, as the Deputies of Paris
2) Thiers, Dufaure, Pouyer-Quertier
3) The Rural Assembly
[There is no section 4.]
5 Opening of the Civil War. [The] 18 March Revolution. Clément Thomas. Lecomte. The Vendôme Affair
6 The Commune
7) Schluss