Karl Marx in The Morning Advertiser 1871

To the Editor of The Morning Advertiser

Source: The Morning Advertiser, July 13, 1871;
Transcribed: for marxists.org by Tony Brown.


In one of your leading articles of to-day you quote a string of phrases, such as, “London, Liverpool, and Manchester in revolt against odious capital,” etc., with the authorship of which you are kind enough to credit me.

Permit me to state that the whole of the quotationsb upon which you base your article are forgeries from beginning to end. You have probably been misled by some of the fabrications which the Paris police are in the habit of issuing almost daily in my name, in order to procure evidence against the captive “Internationals” at Versailles.

I am, Sir, yours, etc.,

Karl Marx

1, Modena-villas, Maitland Park, Haverstock-hill, N.W.,
July 11, 1871