Karl Marx in The Pall Mall Gazette 1871

To the Editor of The Pall Mall Gazette

Written: 8 June 1871;
Source: The Pall Mall Gazette, June 9, 1871;
Transcribed: for marxists.org by Tony Brown.

8 June 1871

My dear Sir,

Would you oblige me by inserting the following few lines in your next publication?

Yours faithfully,

K. Marx

To the Editor of The Pall Mall Gazette


From the Paris correspondence of your yesterday’s publication, I see that while fancying to live at London, I was, in reality, arrested in Holland on the request of Bismarck-Favre. But, maybe, this is but one of the innumerable sensational stories about the International which for the last two months the Franco-Prussian police has never tired of fabricating, the Versailles press of publishing, and the rest of the European press of reproducing.

I have the honour, Sir, to be

Yours obediently,

Karl Marx

1, Modena Villas, Maitland Park.
June 8, 1871