Marx-Engels Correspondence 1870

Karl Marx to Ludwig Kugelmann, 26 March 1870

Source: Karl Marx, Letters to Dr Kugelmann (Martin Lawrence, London, undated). Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.

Dear Kugelmann

I am only writing a few lines today because just at the moment when I get ready to write to you again after so long a time, there is a Frenchman coming whom I shall not get rid of this afternoon, and the post goes at 5:30.

But tomorrow is Sunday and therefore a good Christian like myself is allowed to interrupt his work and to write you a long letter, particularly about the Russian case, which has taken a pretty turn.

Jennychen, our illustrious J Williams, has a very good edition of father Goethe. By the by, she was invited a short time ago to Madame Vivanti’s, the wife of a rich Italian merchant. There was a great assemblée, [1] including a number of English people. Jennychen had a brilliant success with Shakespearean recitation.

Will you please greet Madame la Comtesse from me and thank her for the kind words that she was good enough to write. She has not the least cause to regret having preferred Latin to French. That not only reveals a taste at once classic and highly cultivated, but also explains why Madame never reaches the end of her Latin.

Best greetings to Fränzchen.

Mohr [2]


1. Assembly – Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute.

2. Mohr – Moor, a nickname given to Marx because of his dark complexion – Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute.