The International Workingmen's Association, 1867

To the editorial board of the Zeitung für Norddeutschland
A Correction

Written: by Marx February 18, 1867;
First published: in Die Neue Zeit, Bd. 2, No. 3, 1901.

I request the esteemed Editorial Board of the Zeitung für Norddeutschland to print the following correction:

Your obedient servant,
Karl Marx

It seems to me that the notice

"Dr. Marx, who is living in London ... seems to have been chosen to tour the continent to make propaganda for this affair" ("the next" Polish "insurrection"), which probably found its way into your paper No. 5522 [9 February 15, 1867] by an oversight, must be a fabrication hatched by the police, I don't know for what "affair".

London, February 18, 1867
Karl Marx