The International Workingmen's Association

Notice concerning The Prussian Military Question and the German Workers' Party

Written: by Engels on February 27, 1865;
First published: March 3 1865 in the Berliner Reform, No. 53, the Düsseldorfer Zeitung, No. 62, the Rheinische Zeitung, No. 62;
Translated: by Christopher Upward;
Transcribed: by

A pamphlet by Frederick Engels entitled The Prussian Military Question and the German Workers' Party will shortly be published by Otto Meissner in Hamburg (price 6 Sgr.); unlike the most recent "socialdemocratic" party tactics [1], this pamphlet bases itself once more on the standpoint adopted by the literary representatives of the proletariat of 18461851 and develops this standpoint as against both reaction and the progressist bourgeoisie with regard to the currently topical question of the army and the budget.

Frederick Engels


1 In the text which Engels sent to Siebel on February 27. 1865, these tactics are described as follows:

"the pro-Bismarck direction adopted by the latest 'Social-Democracy' furthermore made it impossible for the people at the Neue Rheinische Zeitung to collaborate with the organs of this particular 'Social-Democracy'."

The wording of the notice in the Düsseldorfer Zeitung also contains this variant.