Marx-Engels Correspondence 1859

Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW Volume 40, p. 389;
First published: in: Marx and Engels, Works, Moscow, 1929.

[London, about 22 February 1859]

Dear Frederick,

My brother-in-law will be travelling to Manchester on Thursday and will probably come and see you on Friday. But you must let me have your exact address. On closer acquaintance, by the by, Juta proves to be a far from [healthy] chap. He suffers damnably from his liver, and hence must go to Carlsbad. I should be glad if Gumpert would examine him and, since his liver is presently giving him a great deal of pain, do something to alleviate this. But if the thing is really serious, Gumpert must not give any indication of the fact.

Tomorrow I am writing about the Factory Report, and expect an article from you, the more so as I am now working out Capital.

K. M.

Nota bene.

I have written asking Dana whether he can find me a Yankee for the English edition of the Political Economy. In which case, if the thing looks like being lucrative, I should have to spend a few weeks in Manchester, putting it into English with you.