Works of Karl Marx 1859

To the Editor of the Allgemeine Zeitung

Source: MECW Volume 17, p. 3;
Published: in the Allgemeine Zeitung, October 27, 1859.

October 19, 1859, 9 Grafton Terrace,
Maitland Park, Haverstock Hill, London


As long as I had a hand in the German press I attacked the Allgemeine Zeitung and the Allgemeine Zeitung attacked me. However, this does not of course prevent me from assisting the Allgemeine Zeitung; as far as it lies in my power, in a case in which it has in my view fulfilled the primary duty of the press: that of the denunciation of humbug. The enclosed document would be a legal document here in London. I do not know whether it is the same in Augsburg. I have procured the said document because Blind refused to stand by the statement which he had made to me and others, which I passed on to Liebknecht, and which allowed the latter no doubts about the denunciation contained in the anonymous pamphlet.

Yours very sincerity,

Dr. K. Marx