Works of Karl Marx 1858

To the Editor of the Neue Zeit

Source: MECW Volume 15, p. 589;
First published: in Die Neue Zeit, July 17, 1858.

[London, not later than July 12, 1858]

How a German “man of the people” and “poet” succeeds in combining the Pleasant with the Useful.

Four weeks ago Dr Kinkel inserted the following advertisement in The Manchester Guardian:

Tour through the English Lakes. Reading German Litterature. A Professor of German at one of the most distinguished educational establishments in this country will read to a Party composed of Ladies and Gentlemen: Schiller’s Gedichte, ‘Don Carlos’, Auerbach’s ‘Dorfgeschichten’ and Hauff’s ‘Bettlerin vom Pont des Arts’. This Party being a select one, care will be taken to keep it so, and to connect by these means sociable and pleasant intercourse with instructive and entertaining reading. The Party to start from Kendall, Monday, July 5th. Early applications will oblige, as none will he received after June 19th. Address to the Publisher of this paper for Dr. K.”

For the edification of such of our German readers who have not completely mastered the English tongue, I append a translation of this concoction which is a curiosity if only by reason of its style.

..."This Party being a select one” (how republican and how grammatical!)... “by these means” (how?)...

If desired, I can provide a cutting of the original advertisement.