Works of Karl Marx 1852

[Sent to the Editorial Board of the Kölnische Zeitung]

Source: MECW, Volume 11, p. 223;
First published: in the Kölnische Zeitung, March 6, 1852.

A report dated Paris, February 25 in No. 51 of the Kölnische Zeitung includes the following item ā propos of the so-called Franco-German conspiracy:

“Several of the accused, who have fled, among them a certain A. Majer, who is described as an agent of Marx and his confederates...

The falsehood of this assertion, which generously accords me not only “confederates” but an “agent” as well, is proved by the following facts: A. Majer, one of the most intimate friends of Herr K. Schapper and the former Prussian lieutenant Willich, acted as book-keeper to the Refugee Committee headed by them. I learned of the departure from London of this personage, who is a complete stranger to me, from a letter written by a friend [probably Ernst Dronke] in Geneva in which he reported that a certain A. Majer was purveying the most absurd gossip about me. Finally I read in French newspapers that this A. Majer is a “politician”.

London, March 3, 1852

Karl Marx