Works of Marx and Engels 1850

Statement on Resignation from the German Workers Educational Society in London

Source: MECW Volume 10, p. 483;
Written: London, September 17, 1850;
First published: Anklageschriftgegen P.G. Roeser, J.H. G. Burgers, P. Nothjung...[Koln, 1852].

To the Tuesday President of the Society in Great Windmill Street.


The undersigned herewith give notice of their resignation from the Society.

London, September 17, 1850

H. Bauer, K. Pfander, J. G. Eccarius, S. Seiler K. Marx, K. Schramm, F. Engels, F. Wolff, W. Liebknecht, Hain, Haupt, G. Klose