Works of Marx and Engels 1850

A Letter to the Prussian Ambassador in London, Baron Bunsen

Source: MECW Volume 10, p. 370;
Written: May 30, 1850;
First published: in German translation in Marx/Engels, Werke, Ed. 39, Berlin, 1968.

64 Dean Street, Soho Square,
May 30th, 1850

We learn from the public papers, that the Neue Preussische Zeitung has, of late, published a series of revelations concerning that part of the German and particularly the Prussian emigration which, at the present moment, resides in London; that the above-named paper has spoken of certain relations existing between London and Berlin, and that it has brought the name of one of the undersigned in connexion with this subject.

The Society of which we are members does not take in the Neue Preussische Zeitung. We therefore take the liberty of addressing ourselves to you, and we expect from your loyalty, that you, Sir, the official representative in this country, of our nationality, will have the courtoisie to furnish us with the numbers in question of the Neue Preussische Zeitung. We have the honour to be, Sir, your obedient servants

Charles Marx
August Willich
Frederick Engels