Articles by Marx & Engels in Neue Rheinische Zeitung

Austrian Defeats

Source: MECW Volume 9, p. 63;
Written: Written by Engels on March 14, 1849;
First published: in the Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 245, March 14, 1849

The latest newspapers and letters have just arrived from Vienna and Bohemia. The official silence continues. On the other hand it is evident from unofficial reports:

1) that the imperial troops have been beaten at Szolnok. Instead of crossing the Theiss at Poroszlo, a section of the main Hungarian army set off down the Theiss, and, having joined forces with other Magyar mobile columns, attacked the royal imperial troops stationed outside Szolnok from the rear. At the same time the Magyars who were positioned on the right bank of the Theiss pressed forward over the river. The imperial troops were completely beaten, the railway from Szolnok to Abony was destroyed and the whole area occupied by the Magyars. Szolnok has therefore been snatched from the imperial troops for a second time;

2) that things do not look very bright for the imperial troops both at their centre and on their left flank: on March 5 a huge number of cannon, Congreve batteries and waggon teams from Kapolna arrived in Pest and were transported to the fortress of Ofen. And the great commander Windischgrätz—he is said to be slightly wounded—has moved his headquarters back to Ofen. He has transferred command to Lieutenant-Field Marshal Schlick, ordering him to advance across the Theiss without any further delay, to storm Debreczin and put an end to the affair!

In brief: The imperial forces have been beaten at Szolnok once more and dislodged from the town; Windischgrätz has gone back to Ofen and his artillery and waggon train have followed him; thus the imperial forces must also have been beaten there.

One defeat of the Austrians is certain, a second one probable—Finis Hungariae!