Letters of Marx and Engels, 1846

Engels and Marx To Moses Hess
In Cologne

Source: MECW Volume 38 p.
Written: 29 July 1846;
First published: in Rheinische Zeitung, No. 105, April 30, 1931.

Ostend, 27 July 1846 rue St. Thomas, 11

Dear Hess,

As you see, I am no longer writing to you from Brussels. I shall remain here until 10 August and shall probably be leaving Brussels for Paris on the 11th. Marx has sent your letter on to me here. I shall gladly do my utmost to smuggle your wife across the border, but all the same it’s unfortunate that she should not have a passport. As I had already left Brussels a few days before her arrival, I know nothing of the whole affair except what you tell me in your letter. As I have said, I will do my utmost.


Brussels, about 29 July 1846

Dear Hess,

In forwarding you these lines from Engels, I would only add that your wife is quite cheerful. Seiler is her squire and has introduced her to Vogler and wife, with whom she consorts almost daily. My wife cannot do very much as she is very unwell and mostly has to keep to her bed.


I was just about to send this letter off when I read your announcement about Ruge in the Kölnische Zeitung [M. Hess, ‘Erklärung’, Kölnische Zeitung, No. 209, 28 July 1846, supplement, announcing Hess’ forthcoming article on A. Ruge]. Since the printing of our stuff may be much delayed, I would advise you to get back your article on Ruge.[62] You will be able to use nearly all of it.

I wrote and asked the Westphalians [J. Meyer and R. Rempel] to send the manuscript to Daniels.[65] If he has not yet got it, arrange for the article on Ruge to be sent by them direct to you.

What sort of a book is this of Heinzen’s [K. Heinzen’s collection Die Opposition with A. Ruge’s articles ‘Der teutsche Kommunismus’ and ‘Der Rabbi Moses und Moritz Hess']? And what does Dottore Graziano write about you? Write and tell me.

[on the back of the letter in Karl Marx’s and Jenny Marx’s handwriting]

Mr M. Hess in Cologne
Hand to Mr Gottschalk, M. D.