Letters of Marx and Engels, 1846

Engels To Emil Blank
In London

Source: MECW Volume 38 p. 36;
Written: 3 April 1846;
First published: in Marx and Engels, Works, First Russian Edition, 1934.

Brussels, 3 April 1846
7, rue de l'Alliance, St. Josse-ten-Noode

Dear Emil,

Be so kind as to send me 6 — or approx. 150 fr. — by return of post. I shall let you have it back in a week or two. My old man isn’t sending the money I was expecting on 1 April; apparently he intends to bring it with him when he comes for your child’s christening. But I've now got 150 fr. worth of things in pawn which I must redeem before my people arrive and therefore must have that amount at once. The whole mess is due to the fact that throughout this winter I have hardly earned a farthing from my writing and hence my wife [Mary Burns] and I have had to live almost exclusively on the money I was receiving from home, and that wasn’t so very much.[47] Since I now have a fair number of manuscripts either half or completely finished, this isn’t very likely to happen to me again. So send me the money and, as soon as I've had my remittance from home, I'll return it.

Your brother Fritz was here these few days and went home yesterday morning. In conclusion I would again enjoin discretion sur le content de cette lettre [concerning the contents of this letter].

With regards,