Letters of Jenny Marx 1861

Jenny Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW, Volume 41, p. 577;
First published: in Marx and Engels, Works, Moscow, 1963.

[London, between 21 and 24 March 1861]

My dear Mr Engels,

Hitherto I have sent you so many epistles of complaint that I now feel impelled to bring you better news for once. First, so far as it is humanly possible to say, Lenchen will recover. The doctor is very satisfied with her condition and extremely optimistic. The rambling, singing, weeping and raving that so alarmed us has subsided to a great extent, and a mutton chop has just been taken up to her. Your help enabled me to give her all the comforts it constantly warm room, wine, and even the luxury of eau de Cologne, which is such a great help in all illness like this, particularly in view of the frequent fainting fits. Besides this good news, I can at long last report the safe arrival of a letter from Moor. He has been in Berlin since Sunday’ and is staying with Lassalle, who welcomed him with the greatest affability. At one dinner he sat between the daughter of Babylon [Sophie von Hatzfeldt] (shades of Weerth) and the indescribably ugly Ludmilla [Assing]. I wish him joy! Apart from that, he doesn’t go into any details, for he was in a hurry to send off 50 talers to me. He simply says that prospects are good and that he won’t come home empty-handed. I only fear that his homecoming may be somewhat further delayed. With warmest regards from us all.

Jenny Marx