Letters of Jenny Marx 1860

Jenny Marx To Engels
In Manchester

Source: MECW, Volume 41, p. 568;
First published: Marx and Engels, Works, First Russian Edition, Moscow, 1929.

[London, 14 August 1860]

Dear Mr Engels,

Moor has asked me to say that, if you possibly can, you should concoct an article for him by Friday or Saturday. Several have, alas, already fallen by the way, and even today’s still seems to me problematical. Anything will do. Maybe some chat about the attack on Venice — no matter what.

This week I hope to start copying the pamphlet.[Herr Vogt] The thing is taking ages, and I'm afraid Karl is making too thorough a job of it.

My pet bugbear is the ‘analysis of Techow’s letter’ and that, I should say, is where the snag lies. Everything else is making better headway.

Every day Schily and Becker send us piles of fresh documents, which are being incorporated into the thing. And I'm sorry to say that nothing has been done about finding a publisher yet. But the whole business is to be completed this week. ‘And he who disbelieves it is mistaken.'

Warm regards from the girls and myself.’

Jenny Marx